New value

The new value creates business value while improving Humanity

  • Humanist

    It is adaptable and deals with potential negative externalities of human behavior, its defaults and qualities. By doing so, it anticipates misinterpretation and prevents harmful drifts to occur.
  • Inclusive

    It considers and aligns your clients’ aspirations with those of the whole society
  • (Esth)ethical

    It fosters aestheticism, a powerful vector of involvement for stakeholders, by creating or strengthening aspirational narratives.
  • Transformative

    It aims at allowing the whole organisation to transition towards new business model and fosters the roots of transformation to spread both inward and outward.
  • Ecosystemic

    It is made to go viral and to be shared with a large community, it encourages companies to operate like hubs or platforms.

Become new value designer with 28°

For many of them, corporations are aware of their capacity to overcome major challenges. Moreover, we believe that most of the time, the assets needed for their reinvention are already existing within organisations, even if they are un- or underexploited. With this in mind, tackling the stakes of the 21st century appears as much easier, if ever you know how to highlight these essential resources. They are mandatory to grow and to rethink your brand’s value and resonance, to open and connect to the society in a respectful way.

It is obvious for us, that nowadays corporations have the fierce will to go forward: we want to reintegrate individuals in the very heart of their strategic reflexion to do so.

However, the current levels of tension and inertia are such that it is really hard for change to happen.

The reason 28° exists is our ambition to help our clients designing a new forms of value. We want to go alongside those who wonder and question the status quo while being active makers, those who contribute to converting unexploited potential in tangible reality, because our goal is to achieve, to impact and to experience positive results.

To walk that path, we associate short term operational steps and quick wins with midterm aspirational vision in a dynamic, world-centric and openminded approach.

At 28°, we aim at making you (re)think your business model to process value creation while integrating new opportunities linked to social and environmental challenges.

Our goal is to enable you to face forthcoming challenges and empower your organisation for it to sail on its own later on.