We accelerate your business model transformation

We focus on the intrinsic assets of your brand

The promises of your brands, their purpose, image, expertise or their ecosystem are often under-exploited while they represent tremendous assets to root an innovation process. 28° aims at helping you identifying these attributes in order to highlight the starting point of your renewal, leading to new products, new services: designing new offerings and experiences for your clients.

We rethink relationships with your ecosystem

We will help you adapting your current client experience by integrating multiple stakeholders and new kinds of interactions in your value creation processes. Entering a new « platform-based » economy is mandatory at a time where the frontiers between producers, customers and brands are more and more porous.

We challenge your processes and methods

28° structures programmes designed to reinvent your organisation, so that they remain even if we are gone. This increases the autonomy of your organisation in its innovation journey that can last for some time. To do so, we transform your processes in order to integrate collaboration and collective value creation to increase the coherence between your strategic goals and the actions your team undertakes. We believe that a shared vision is the cornerstone to spread new practices and accelerate your business model transformation.