We progress in an diverse and highly skilled ecosystem

We are part of a rich ecosystem of our friends, corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurs from multiple backgrounds and sectors. Composed of partners and clients, this community allows us to constantly broaden our skills and our comprehension of the surrounding world, and to connect you with the right competencies at the right moment.

  • Stroïka

    Created by the co-founders of OuiShare, Stroika is a an agency providing its clients with influence strategies for massive mobilisation
  • Pixelis

    Pixelis is an independent agency specialised in brand equity. It gathers creative designers and account planners dedicated to help heroic brands to bloom
  • Tomorrow Expeditions

    Tomorrow Expeditions aims at creating new generation of learning expeditions by designing inter and intra-organisation inspirational journeys, major source of innovation and wake-up calls
  • Behind the Crux

    Behind The Crux creates and structures collaboration to stimulate corporation’s transformation throughout collective intelligence
  • Philia et caetera

    Philia Et Caetera helps corporations defining their intrinsic « Why » and narrative by manipulating philosophical concepts
  • The Camp

    The camp is a basecamp and an ecosystem dedicated to the creation of a better future, based on innovative expeditions leveraging on collaborative methods
  • Les Catalystes

    Combining the art of storytelling and emotional intelligence, Les Catalystes accelerate the creation of coherent and powerful universe and narratives surrounding brands or projects
  • Toguna

    Toguna is a mobile app allowing the creation and administration of discussions at a large scale. It aims at fostering and unleashing the collective skills of organisations
  • Creative Dock

    Gathering programmers and entrepreneurs, Creative Dock build tech-related start-ups form the ground up, on behalf of their clients

  • Remix is a community structured around co-working areas gathering a population being composed half by entrepreneurs and the other by artists and creatives

  • DedieuProjects design programs crating inspiration and driving innovation for your company and your teams in order to release the positive energy generating innovative transformation

  • Part of L’ADN Group, L’ADN Studio is an editorial advisor for brands and a Lab decoding innovation (through content creation, conferences, brand media).
  • And many more !

Our clients

  • Office national des forêts


  • Fermes Bio

  • Crédit coopératif

  • Saint Gobain

  • MAIF

  • Sogaris

  • Danone

  • Air France

  • Enactus

  • and other public, private and third sector organisations